Announcing the Patriot Research System

January 15, 2018

The SAR Patriot Records Committee is pleased to announce the launch of a new website: the Patriot Research System (, which will replace the existing Patriot Index system (
We believe the new site provides a substantial improvement in both usability and data capabilities. We hope you enjoy and find this new site to be very useful to you.

Instead of just searching for Patriots, the new site allows searching within several different categories from the main page:
• Patriot
• SAR Member
• Descendants (limited data)
• Biographies

Additionally, search options are available for the last name, which include:
• Exact matching
• Begins With
• Contains
• Sounds Like (e.g. soundex)

Enhanced Biography Support and Reporting
This new site supports:
• Multiple Biography entries per Patriot record.
• The ability to use rich-text formatting for the biographies going forward, which will significantly improve formatting of that data.
• Because of the enhanced formatting capabilities, it is now much simpler (and encouraged) to include footnotes and references to other source materials for a given patriot.
• Better ability to credit the appropriate Chapter with submission given the leverage of SAR HQ data (noted below in more detail).

Unlimited Headstones
The site now supports effectively unlimited number of Headstones per Patriot record.
Browser navigation works as expected
The website is based on standard web technologies, so the browser interaction (hitting return to submit forms, the back button, etc) all work as expected.
Additionally, there are many more hyperlinks to navigate throughout the website, including links directly to DAR GRS entries where applicable.
Mobile Friendly
We’ve made significant efforts to make this site mobile friendly (tablets / phones).

Visualization of Information
In the old system, all data was associated solely to a Patriot record. You navigate to that Patriot record in order to see associated data. This was extremely limiting in terms of both search and presentation capabilities. This new system has the ability to view relationships between membership and patriots from either direction For example, viewing a member to see associated Patriot records.
Patriot record searches make it obvious which records have applications, biographies and headstones associated.

Leverage Data from NSSAR HQ
We added the ability to import data from HQ for several components:
• Member information – non-privileged data (Names, National#, and Society/State)
• All known associations of Members and their proven Patriots (this includes supplemental info)
• Info on all the Societies/States and their Chapters
This is based on the same information as the current membership database.

Going forward, we can utilize future data imports to make the data within this site much more current than the old system could ever have been. While the National data does not associate a Member to a Patriot P#, we still can see and utilize that relationship and make it available to be seen. These entries are marked unindexed on the site.

By leveraging the SAR HQ data, we significantly improve the overall data quality on this site, and gain access to significantly more data. While not all applications are indexed to specific Patriot Records, this new data import provides more than 24,000 additional applications in the SAR Patriot Research System than was in the previous Patriot Index system. The last data import was from Jan 8, 2018 and included all new members to that point in time, providing very current information.

Record Copies
Still not available online (no change in that regard), however, it should be significantly easier to find appropriate information and record copies.

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