Remembering and Honoring our Revolutionary War Soldiers

1,045 Revolutionary Soldiers are buried in over 160 cemeteries in Washington County. To Honor our Patriots who are buried in these cemeteries, the George Washington Chapter is erecting signs at prominent locations at these cemeteries. These signs tell visitors that there are Revolutionary Patriots buried in the cemetery and lists the names of those Patriots along with their birth and death year if it is known. Each sign has a QR code, that when scanned by a smart phone or tablet, will display more information about each Patriot, such as their service record and any source information that is known. This information is displayed on the George Washington Chapter website with links to the National SAR website, the Pennsylvania Society website, and a feedback form for asking questions, reporting issues with the sign, membership information, etc.

We need your help to accomplish our goal to place a sign in each of the 160 cemeteries in Washington County. Members have already provided funds to place a sign at a cemetery often where their own Patriot or ancestors are buried.

Each sign costs $55.00 and George Washington Chapter volunteers will accomplish the research and the labor to erect the sign. To fund a sign or donate toward the project, please contact us by filling out the following contact form.

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