History Hunt

Answer three questions about a U.S. Revolutionary War Soldier and three questions about a Whiskey Rebellion site.

To Get Started

·  You must have access to a device that will read a QR code.

·  The History Hunt will begin on April 1, 2022 and end on July 23, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

·  Choose three cemeteries and the three Whiskey Rebellion sites that you want to visit.

·  Use the map and / or the addresses listed below to see all of the possible locations.

·  Look at the questions that you will need to answer for each of the six sites that you have selected.

·  Visit each site (*see the various options below*)

·  Scan the QR code on the memorial sign at the three cemeteries. The answer to your question will be found on the webpage for that cemetery.

·  There are no QR codes at the Whiskey Rebellion sites. Simply answer one question per site.

·  Be among the first 50 participants to submit your six correct answers on the submission form to win a one-of-a-kind aluminum water bottle. Only one prize per person will be awarded.

·  Official History Hunt Rules


To find the answer about the U.S. Revolutionary War soldiers, scan the QR code on the memorial sign at each cemetery. You will not have to scan a sign at any of the Whiskey Rebellion sites in order to answer those particular questions.

You click below to download a graphic of a map of the cemeteries and Whiskey Rebellion sites.


Beallsville: 32 Chestnut Street, Beallsville, PA
What Battalion was Caleb Leonard, Sr. in?
Bethel Methodist: Bethel Ridge Road, Jefferson Township, Avella, PA
Who traveled 700 miles to the Carolinas to bring back some of Cornwallis’s men captured at Cowpens?
Bethel Presbyterian:  3905 Park Avenue, South Franklin Township, Prosperity, PA
When was Daniel Tuttle (Todel) born?
Bethlehem Lutheran: 21 Church Street, (Glyde), Scenery Hill, PA
Who was a substitute under Captain Charles Morrow in 1777?
Brush Run (Peters Creek): 250 Brookwood Road, Venetia, PA
When was James Mitchell born?
Buckingham: 374 Buckingham Road, (Deemsten), Fredericktown, PA
What was the rank of William Buckingham?
Candor (Beside Racoon Presbyterian Church): 858 Candor Road, Bulger, PA
Who was a Ranger on the frontier in Washington County?
Center Presbyterian: 255 Center Church Road, McMurray, PA
When did William Denniston die?
Chartiers Crossroads (across the road from the Presbyterian Church): 502 Old Hickory Ridge Road, Chartiers Township, Washington, PA
Who was commissioned under hand of Patrick Henry, Gen Gov?
Chartiers Hill (by the Presbyterian Church): 2230 Washington Road, Canonsburg, PA
Who was captured and held briefly in Gen. Proctor’s Army at Brandywine?
Cooke Family (off of Enterprise Road): South Strabane Township, Washington, PA
Who aided in the defense of Fort Henry?
Cross Creek: 1041 Cross Creek Road, Burgettstown, PA
Who was a nurse in Continental Army?
Eldersville: 15 Church Road, Burgettstown, PA
What was Thomas Ward’s rank in the Washington County Militia?
Emanuel: 506 Route 519, Eighty Four, PA
Who served in the Cumberland County Militia?
Fairmont: 120 Fairmont Church Road, East Finley, PA
What Company was Christian Plant in?
Florence: 1067 Steubenville Pike, Florence, PA
Who was the last Revolutionary Soldier to die in Washington County, PA?
Franklin: Little Church Road and Highland Ridge Road, Marianna, PA
When did Abe McFarland die?
Fredericktown: Crawford Road and North Street, Fredericktown, PA
Name a Revolutionary Soldier buried in the Fredericktown Cemetery?
Grove Presbyterian: 125 East Main Street (Route 844), West Middletown, PA
Who was in Count Nicholas Von Ottendorf’s Corps?
Horn – Marianna: Jefferson Avenue (south of Marianna), Marianna, PA
Who was in Captain George Mair’s Co., 5th Battalion, Washington County Militia?
Horn – Buffalo: Mabel Drive (off of Route 221), Buffalo Township, Washington, PA
Was Horn, Hardman in the Cumberland County Militia?
Howe: 422 Dally Road, (Longbranch), Coal Center, PA
Who served in the Revolutionary War that is buried in the Howe Cemetery?
James Chapel: 303 Stone Church Road, Finleyville, PA
Who was a Wagon Master that served at Philadelphia, Ft. George, Ft. Ticonderoga, Ft. St. Jo, Quebec, Valley Forge, Monmouth, White Plains, N.Y., Springfield NJ, Newark, DE, Duck Creek Crossroads?
Lower Ten Mile: 580 Amity Ridge Road, Amity, PA
Who was a Builder of Milliken’s Fort on Ten Mile Creek?
Millers Run: Route 980 north of Canonsburg near Swithart & Kelso Roads, Cecil Township, Canonsburg, PA
What unit did James Simpson serve in?
Millsboro (Behind the Millsboro Presbyterian Church): Church Street, Millsboro, PA
What Revolutionary Soldier is buried in Millsboro Cemetery?
Mingo Cemetery: Route 88 and Mingo Church Road, Finleyville, PA
Who participated in the Whiskey Rebellion as Colonel of the Mingo Creek Militia and Sheriff of Washington County and was accused of helping rioters burn the Neville home at Bower Hill and marched by foot to Philadelphia where he was acquitted?
Monongahela: 800 Country Club Road, Monongahela, PA
When did Joseph Parkinson die?
Mt. Hermon: 200 Banetown Road, Amwell Township, Amity, PA
Who served in the PA Artillery Regiment?
Mt. Hope: Route 231 (south of route 844), Independence Township, Avella, PA
Was Joseph Templeton a Private or Corporal?
Mt. Pleasant: Wabash Station Street, Hickory, PA
Who was a Private in the 5th Co, 4th Battalion, Washington County Militia?
Mt. Prospect: 199 Main Street, Hickory, PA
Who was in Captain Samuel Shannon’s Co, 3rd Battalion, Washington County Militia?
Mt. Tabor: Mt Tabor Road, Fallowfield Township, Coal Center, PA
What Battalion was John Crow in?
North Buffalo: 711 Rural Valley Road, Buffalo Township, Washington, PA
Who served in the 2nd Pa Regt. In expedition to Canada, Battle of Three Rivers at Cronn Point and Ticonderoga?
North Ten Mile: 322 Ridge Road and Church Road, Amwell Township, Amity, PA
What unit did Amos Walton serve in?
Oak Spring: Oak Spring Road, Canonsburg, PA
Who participated in the 1782 Crawford Campaign?
Paris: 43 Steubenville Pike, Hanover Township, Paris, PA
Who served in Captain Bilderbacks Co, Washington County Militia?
Pigeon Creek: 45 Church Road, Dunningsville, Eighty Four, PA
Who served in Colonel Crawford’s Expedition in 1782?
Purviance: 1279 US Route 40, Main Street, Claysville, PA
Who was a Drummer Boy during the Revolution with Westmoreland County Militia?
Salem Methodist: 70 Majorsville Road, West Finley, PA
Who was a Ranger on the frontier in the Washington County PA Militia?
South Buffalo: South Sunset Beach Road, Buffalo Township, Claysville, PA
Who was discharged in January 1778 while at Valley Forge?
Taylor Methodist: 610 Old National Pike, Centerville, Brownsville, PA
What unit did Joseph Woodfield serve in?
Trussell: 1092 Rocky Run Road, West Finley, PA
Did John Machan serve in the Cumberland County Militia?
Upper Buffalo: 250 South Buffalo Road, Buffalo, Washington, PA
Who’s company did Adam Wylie serve in?
Upper Ten Mile: 25 Church Street (off of Prosperity Pike), Prosperity, PA
Who crossed the Delaware to attack Trenton with Washington?
Van Voorhis: Shannon Road, Hazelkirk, Monongahela, PA (not visible from the road – up a path at red gate)
What county did Daniel Van Voorhis serve in the Militia?
Washington: 498 Park Avenue, Washington, PA
Who’s tombstone has the inscription – “Fought and Bled with Washington”?
Washington Old – (Hoge Crypt): North Franklin at West Walnut Street (behind the I.C. Church), Washington, PA
Who was the Commander of Moravian Expedition known as the “Gnadenhutten Massacre” in March 1782?
West Alexander: Route 40 at Liberty Street, West Alexander, PA
Who fought at the battle of Plowed Hill near Bunker Hill on Aug 17, 1775?
West Alexander (old): North Liberty Avenue (beside Municipal building), West Alexander, PA
Who was at the battle of Trenton?
West Alexander Presbyterian: Main Street, West Alexander, PA
Who participated in the Sandusky Expedition into the Ohio Country in 1782 where Colonel William Crawford and two others were captured and burned at the stake?
West Finley: 398 Burnsville Ridge Road, West Finley, PA
How old was Isaac Lucas when he died?
Westland: 598 Ridge Road, Centerville, Brownsville, PA
Who served under Gen. Baron Johan DeKalb?
Zion: 1080 Route 231 North of Claysville, Donegal Township, Claysville, PA
Who was a Private in the Washington County Militia?


Bradford House: 184 S. Main Street, Washington, PA
1. On what image was the painted portrait of David Bradford based?
2. How many fireplaces are in the original part of the Bradford House?
3. What tool is used to demonstrate “good night, sleep tight?”
Oliver Miller Homestead:  South Park at 1 Stone Manse Drive off Corrigan Drive
1. In what unique place did generations of Miller women sharpen their knives? 
2. What is the function of the building closest to the fire pit area?
3. When you walk into the barn, what do you see in the back left corner?
Whiskey Rebellion Education and Visitor Center at 184 S. Main Street, Washington, PA
1. What is the top of the still called?
2. Describe the flag on the Liberty Pole.
3. How many whiskey barrels are on display throughout the Visitor Center?
Woodville Experience: 1375 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA
1. What color is the ceiling of the porch?  
2. How many windows are located in the main house?  
3. What color is the barn painted? 

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