Membership Benefits

i066“Associate with men of good quality, if you esteem your own reputation;
for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” George Washington

You can become a member of an active organization of patriotic men brought together by their heritage and welded into an organization dedicated to the preservation of the Constitutional freedoms established by the founders of our Nation. As a member of the SAR, you will be able to take an active part in assuring your children of the same freedoms you have enjoyed. The local Chapters of the Society afford an opportunity to become acquainted with men in your own community with whom you have many common interests.

Joining the SAR will afford you opportunities to serve your community – to whatever degree your time permits – in furthering patriotic education and in generating and preserving understanding and appreciation of the principles of Government which our forefathers established. SAR will guide you in researching your family lineage to establish your right to membership. And once you become a member, will record and preserve this information, making it forever available to your descendents.

National: Review, Registration, and Archival Storage of Lineage and Documentation; Membership CertificateState or Chapter: Membership Insignia; Booklet with Constitution, Bylaws, Officers, Membership List
Annual Benefits (typical):

  • National: Four issues of The SAR Magazine; Access to SARtalk (on-line discussion group); Opportunities
    to participate in the District Meeting, Trustee meetings, and the Annual Congress
  • State: Several Newsletters & opportunities to participate in several state events
  • Chapter: Several Newsletters & opportunities to participate in several chapter activities
Members are able to and encouraged to participate in a number of activities, including:

  • Coming to meetings and reading the newsletters
  • Recommending deserving individuals for awards and help present those awards
  • Encourage youth to enter contests and sponsor their awards
  • Helping with an activity, join a committee, and / or become an officer
  • Obtaining information on patriot graves and mark a grave site
  • Learning about local historical markers and tell your friends
  • Volunteering to talk at a local school or civic association
  • Joining or starting or supporting a color guard with Revolutionary War uniforms
  • Supporting local historical research, and have any research published
  • Flying the flag of our nation at your home correctly and often 

    Frequently, there are international travel opportunities in which members
    may participate. In 2003, and again in 2008, the SAR conducted Congresses
    in Paris, France in conjunction with the 225 anniversary of the signing of
    the Treaty of Paris. In 2008, there was a 12 day tour of Scotland to trace
    the steps of John Paul Jones and to visit George Washington’s ancestral home
    in England. Other SAR sponsored tours in the recent past included trips to
    Germany, England, and Spain.

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