Color Guard

The George Washington Chapter’s Color Guard is comprised of militia and Continental Army compatriots who participate in parades, grave dedications, and historic events that reflect on the freedoms obtained through the sacrifice of our ancestors. The Color Guard is also involved in battle reenactments.


Fort Henry Days are held on Labor Day weekend in Wheeling, WV. On September 11-13, 1782, Ebenezer and Silas Zane led forces which defeated the British and Indians under British officers carrying a British flag. The fort was originally built by the British in June 1774, but later renamed for Patrick Henry, and is considered the last battle of the Revolutionary War. The Color Guard is involved in the British and Patriot encampment and the battle reenactment.


Point Pleasant Battle Days are held in October in Point Pleasant, WV. Lord Dunmore, then Governor of Virginia, ordered militia to be organized and quell troubles with Indians in the West. On October 10, 1774 Colonial Andrew Lewis led militiamen to victory in what is recorded as the first conflict waged by American colonists in defense of the colonies. This past October marked the 235th anniversary of this historic battle, and the Chapter’s Color Guard participated along with several other SAR Chapters, in addition to a wreath laying ceremony.


Memorial Day Parade, Claysville, Pennsylvania, 29 May 2016.

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